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 A Wild Stream of Ba Li

At weekends, escape from noisy city, we go to Ba Li Stream (Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa) to be with the quiet wild nature.

Ba Li Stream is about 30 km away from the center of Nha Trang City to the south and runs through two communes of Cam Tan, Cam Hoa. Passing through Cam Ranh Thuong Lake for about 2 km, we encountered a spillway bridge, which is the starting point for forest journey to discover the beauty of Ba Li Stream.

Going along the path running parallel to the Stream, we see large, flat rocks; fresh and pure pristine forest spaces. At some sections, the stream is noisy when it crosses rocks, falls to create small waterfalls while at some sections, the stream is quiet in the silence of forest and mountain. On the other bank of the stream, there is a fine yellow sandbank and a small lake with quite beautiful waterfall on the stream. All tiredness seems to disappear when being with the cool and pure stream water. A small party with food and drinks and next to family or friends will bring you a meaningful day with fun stories.

Pristine beauty of Ba Li Stream

Through research, Ba Li stream is originated from Chien Mountain. This is one of the streams pouring water on Cam Ranh Thuong Lake in addition to other streams such as Tranh stream, Thuong stream, Rich stream, Coc stream etc. The name of Ba Li stream is given by the local people using the name of a lake near the stream. Ba Li Stream is considered as a beautiful landscape of Cam Lam district but unfortunately it is not yet well-known to many people. There are only some young people and groups of families coming here at weekends or public holidays. “On summer, at weekends, sometimes there are hundreds of people visiting this place. They come mainly for having bath on the stream, camping for eating and drinking and then going back” said Ms, Cao Thi Loan – a vehicle keeper in Ba Li Stream Area. Mr. Bao Long (Ngo Den Street, Nha Trang City) shared that “My family comes from Nha Trang to visit this place aiming at enjoying the pristine and pure nature. The landscape of the stream, mountain, forest here is very beautiful. If we have time, we will come back”.

According to the Department of Tourism, Ba Li stream is not included in the tourism plan. The people and tourists come here for camping and playing are only unprompted. Therefore, the local government highly recommends the tourists and people when visiting this place should be careful with the use of fire in the forest and be aware of environmental protection. Actually, there are some cases that tourists camp to stay overnight around Ba Li Stream and if suitable management measures are not provided, bad consequences may occur.

Leaving Ba Li Stream in the late afternoon when birds are coming back their nests, we think that one day, Ba Ly Stream will become a well-known destination to many tourists.

                                                                           GIANG DINH

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